There are many opportunities to worship, engage, and serve during Holy Week.  Please check out the list below, as well as on our Events Calendar.  In addition to the activities listed, many Moravian Churches hold Holy Week readings nightly.  Please check with the church you are interested in to see if and when they meet.

April 14, Palm Sunday

11 am – Palm Sunday Worship

April 18, Maundy Thursday

6:30 pm – Maundy Thursday Readings and Communion at Liberty Arts Coffee House.

April 19, Good Friday

10:30 am – Cross Walk. Meet across from the Central Library (on 5th Street). The cross will be carried through downtown Winston-Salem, through God’s Acre and will end in the Square in Old Salem with a brass band and liturgy.

April 20, Great Sabbath

9 am – Decorate Graves at God’s Acre in Old Salem.  If you have flowers, greenery, hand clippers, please bring them. Beth works for the Board of Cooperative Ministries. She will be working from 9 am until 4 pm on Good Friday and will receive flowers and greenery (for those who cannot come on Saturday). Men, women, and children are invited. Please use walk through at Cedar Ave., or enter graveyard through Fish Alley, or Maiden Lane. Directions: Enter the Arch at old part of God’s Acre (Bank & Main Sts). This wide-looking sidewalk is actually named, Cedar Ave. Go through the 1st Arch on the right, immediately turn left on sidewalk and walk the fence line to the 3rd square.

7 pm – Great Sabbath Service at Home Moravian Church

April 21, Easter Sunday

6 am – Easter Sunrise Service in Old Salem.  More information here.

11 am – Easter Sunday Worship (band prelude at 10:45)