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“We pray the Lord ever anew to point to us the way to reach our neighbors, opening our hearts and hands to them in their need.” Ground of the Unity

How do we reach our neighbors in the midst of ever-changing communities? How do we sustain compassionate ministry amid the complexities of the world in which we live? How do we discern where God is leading us while being inundated by the many other voices clamoring for our attention?

These are a few of the questions we find ourselves asking in the Church today. And the truth is that there are many ways for us to respond to the call of God; there are many ways for us to be faithful as God invites us to begin right where we are.

There is no shortage of opportunities to bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ, the living hope that restores us from our brokenness and binds us all together. With the passage of two resolutions, the Southern Province Synod created new ways to provide recognition and resources for new ways to take advantage of those opportunities.  READ ORIGINAL ARTICAL