Community Strength

Strengthening the community that we serve is fundamental to our mission.  Of course, we are not alone.
Many different outreach programs exist.  Take a moment to check out a few of the programs and missions below.

Anthony’s Plot

As a community, Anthony’s Plot strives to identify with the poor and disenfranchised through their living and work, to be intentional about bearing witness to Jesus and the interdependency of Christian community, to provide occasions for people to grow in faith and serve together, and to close the disparities between churches and our struggling communities relationally and tangibly through committed Christ-like actions.  Rev. Russ May is a co-founder of Anthony’s Plot, and currently lives there with his family.  Come and Worship supports Anthony’s Plot financially and voluntarily. 

Learn More at Anthonysplot.Org

Board of World Mission

The Moravian Board of World Mission is the overseas (as well as in the US) mission sending and support agency of the Moravian Church in America.  We have been very active in the Honduras, Cuban and Peruvian elements of the work of BWM.  Our Rt. Rev. Sam Gray is the Director of Intercultural Ministries.

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Laurel Ridge

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Laurel Ridge offers summer camps, mission camps, year-round programming and rental facilities to communities of faith, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals.  We encourage the youth in our congregation to attend summer camp at Laurel Ridge to help with their spiritual formation.  We also attend congregational retreats there.  

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Salvage Garden

Salvage Garden is a worship ministry for special needs children and adults that meet for worship the 2nd and 4th Saturday mornings of the month at 1st Lutheran Church in Greensboro.   Its mission is: Salvage Garden strives to reclaim the value of all individuals, emphasizing their inclusion and integration in multiple settings, while supporting each person on a unique path to wholeness. Through person-centered programming and support, as well as training and education for the community, Salvage Garden cultivates transformation by restoring hope, inspiring change, and growing community awareness.

Our Rev. Brad Bennett is the music coordinator for this worship service.

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Sunnyside Ministry

Sunnyside Ministry is an agency of the Moravian church in the Southern Province that strives to provide short-term emergency assistance for families in the southeastern part of Winston-Salem.

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City With Dwellings

City with Dwellings is a community-based, ecumenical organisation that works to end homelessness in Winston-Salem.  Come and Worship partners with them during the months of December through March at the Augsburg Lutheran overflow shelter to provide food and volunteers to run the shelter.

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Interfaith Winston-Salem

Interfaith Winston-Salem sponsors programs and events tailored for children, youth and adults that helps familiarize attendees to the other faith communities in this city.

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