Our Mission

Come and Worship is a Moravian worship ministry with the focus on:

  • An inviting, relaxed atmosphere for worship and fellowship.
  • Hospitality to friend and stranger.
  • Combining traditional and new forms of worship in informal, interactive ways.
  • Moravian values of simplicity, devotion to Christ, fellowship, music.
  • Exploring faith and community “inside” and focused on mission activity “outside”.

What you can expect:

  • Simple but innovative worship including Scripture, reflection, song and prayer.
  • Leadership by a fluid team of ordained and non-ordained Moravians committed to this ministry.
  • The support of a caring community.

Dress comforably.

Coffee and food items will be available

An offering will be received used in support of the ministry and given to church-supported causes.


Come & Worship: Gathering in Christ, growing faith & fellowship with all: going out to serve.

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